Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun Ways to Stay Summer-Fit

Keeping a healthy and fit wifestyle - much easier said than done. It is hard to stay motivated when it comes to exercising and eating right. Work, stress, and everyday life always seem to get in the way. And now it's summer and we're all trying to make up for the lost time we didn't even consider using in the earlier months. Not to mention, we all know that living with a man can brainwash us into believing that we can eat like one. However, when we wake up the next morning and realize we ate one cheeseburger too many, it is time to get back into gear.

Jay and I have rotated into our life different ways we can workout together and actually enjoy it. The key is we must both make the decision to stay in shape and be each other's support system. I cannot force fitness on him because then it becomes work. And who wants to add more work to exercise? We have to be in this together.

If you are looking for a way to enjoy the company of your man but still get a workout in, try one of the below. These are a few things we do on a weekly/monthly basis - I promise you will build up a sweat but still have fun.

1. Tennis - Jay has played his whole life and has been teaching me for a couple years. I never realized how intense it is as a sport, especially when playing singles. You run around without even realizing how many steps you take. After tracking on my FitBit, I discovered 45 minutes of tennis can equal over 6,000 steps!

One of the best aspects about tennis is that you can play your whole life. I can picture Jay and I down the road, 65 years old, and still hitting up the courts. My Grandparents used to so why couldn't we?

Here's an action shot of my very own Andre Agassi - Mr. Jay Delinko

Getting ready to warm-up

This is me post tennis (I am a little burnt and sweaty). My racquet was only $35 at Sports Authority and is Breast Cancer inspired. Some of the proceeds went towards the cause so I thought why not?

2. Running - This may sound horrific, the thought of running for fun always used to turn me off. But when you have a partner and some good tunes, you begin to forget you're exercising. It's always easier to run outside so you feel less like a hamster on a wheel. 

Running for a good cause can also be inspiring. We have participated in several 5k's where the money is donated towards causes like the Special Olympics. Once you get over the idea that you will be nonstop for several miles straight, the finish line doesn't seem that far away. It's only a half hour of your life, right?

Jay and I in our first 5k together in Central Park. This is obviously pre-run considering we're not sweaty messes yet.

Another shot before the race - I was so excited, not to mention after losing 10 lbs from training!

Even if it is just an outing to the gym or jog around your neighborhood, 30 minutes a day for 2-3 days a week can really work wonders. You don't have to run a marathon to feel accomplished and stay fit. :)

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