Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Making a House a Home

Ever find that skimming through Elle D├ęcor or HouseBeautiful is more exciting than Vogue itself?! Reading the Holy Grail of fashion has now been replaced with excursions to The Home Depot. Who would have thought that becoming a wife would magically increase our interest in home decorating and housekeeping?

We fall guilty of our newest pleasure, HGTV and those ever-so-addicting Property Brothers. Obsession is an understatement when it comes to House Hunters. And forget it, if there is a marathon on, you better believe we’re not getting off the couch – even for that 3pm coffee on the weekend that we’re literally shaking to have. It seriously has become a dream within a dream. We not only want to wear the best fashion, we want to live in it.

Living the wifestyle doesn’t mean buying the most expensive tufted leather couches or hanging a massive crystal chandelier over the dining room table. As newlyweds, we try to live within our means but keep it chic.

I have noticed my own taste has changed and developed since getting married. It’s always a challenge to try to keep the balance between masculine and feminine. When in doubt, I go neutral. Here are a few interior favorites that my husband and I agreed upon when we found ourselves teetering between too manly or too girly. The best part is, none of the items broke the bank yet make our apartment a warm home. 

Shower curtain, Bed Bath & Beyond 

King headboard, Bob's Furniture

Custom-cut area rug, The Home Depot

Throw pillow, Home Goods

Throw pillow, Home Goods

Wall sconces - Bed Bath & Beyond 
Cityscape painting - Pier 1 Imports

Glass bowl - Macy's 
Decorative balls, candles and candle holders - Home Goods

Iron decor, garage sale (literally)

Married - 9 months and 16 days

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