Sunday, June 22, 2014

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The most commonly asked questions we get once entering wifehood are “How is married life? Is it any different?” And yet we find ourselves answering the same way – “No, it feels the same.” That’s kind of the easiest way to get out of the question. The truth is married life is awesome and where learning and exploring become everyday norms. But it’s not like we wake up one morning and have this adult epiphany. I don’t even like referring to myself as an adult, let alone a woman, because I still feel like a kid. I can at least handle saying that I’m a young woman. I’m 27 years old and I’m married.

We’ve all heard that getting married means a lot of new steps – time to grow up, settle down, and start a family. Naturally, the next question in our ears is “When are you going to have a baby?”  It can be a lot of pressure, but I find myself taking a breath and wishing life would slow down, even just a little. Especially now that couples wait longer, hopefully because they’re truly waiting for the right person. And that is okay, the times have changed.  Just because we’re getting married later in life, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves. Life is just beginning, the adult married life, and I want to share my journey with people like me. This blog is not intended strictly for the newly wed. Whether single, in a relationship, a day away from getting engaged, 6 months in, or 10+ years into your marriage. We all have at least one thing in common and that’s living life to the fullest, and we’ll do it in style. 

Married – 9 months and 14 days

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