Monday, September 22, 2014

Decisions - What Makes Them Worth It

Change is good, or so they usually say. But we often can find ourselves struggling between making a change or taking the safer route and staying in our comfort zone. At what point is it time to cut your losses?

I found myself asking these questions as I waited over an hour to get my tire changed. My car was almost six years old and she'd been through a lot with me. But many little things were seemingly falling apart on a routine basis. I was putting more and more money into something that lost its luster. Why should I invest in this when I could put it towards something to possibly love? It became a tug of war between the girl I was and the young woman I have become. I laughed as I realized that one itty bitty flat tire snowballed into getting a new car. And by Wednesday last week, Jay and I were sailing home in a new Chrysler 300. 

Now that I've had a few days to let it sink in, I knew it was the right decision at this point in my life. Who knows, maybe a year or so down the road Jay and I will be ready to expand our family. Maybe then we will need more space, so why not get some practice now? I mean this car is practically a boat, with an engine that is larger than my torso. And man does it glide. I feel so safe when I get behind the wheel, and not to mention badass.

My main point to this whole ordeal is that maybe we don't always feel like we're ready for change. But we roll with the punches, and we take opportunities when we can. I am a firm believer in working hard and enjoying what you earn. I am proud to say that I did this on my own (outside of Jay's fabulous negotiation skills). The fact of the matter is that I didn't have to depend on anyone to make this dream a reality. And although we may be nervous when things are new and different, we must remember that everything happens for a reason. We get tested and we pull through. We work hard and we reap the benefits. We live our lives and try to enjoy every moment. And in this moment, I'm enjoying my new whip. But now all I need is to give her a good name - I will gladly accept suggestions, as long as they are within reason. Here's to new beginnings!

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