Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Welcome to the Vineyard

Are the rules different on an island? Can we shut off our minds from the everyday life and just go with the flow? I have to admit, it took me some time to realize I was on vacation. But now onto Day 3, especially knowing the Labor Day crowd has taken the last ferry off of Martha's Vineyard, I can steam ahead and enjoy my time off.

Jay and I had an early start on Sunday morning. We finished packing up our last minute items, double-checked the apartment and said "see ya in a week." The drive wasn't even as bad as we anticipated but we made sure we gave ourselves some extra time.

After about 3 1/2 hours of a drive, we arrived at the Woods Hole Steamship Authority. Lucky for us, there was open space to hop on an earlier ferry, so we drove onto the small freight boat and set sail for the Vineyard.

The rest of the day went by pretty fast as we met up with Dave, Caryn, and Judd (my brother and sister-in-laws and nephew), and Sherry and Steve (my mother and father-in-laws). We scoped out our house and the surrounding area. I cooked my mom's recipe of penne vodka for dinner and with full bellies we slept soundly. Excited for what tomorrow would bring.

Monday's adventure would be bike rides and fresh seafood. I took a short ride with Dave and Caryn while we waited for Steve and Jay to come back with the famous apple fritters. Keep in mind the size of this thing is about 10 x 6.

Feeling refreshed from breakfast, I convinced Jay to come back out with me for my second bike ride. Little did he know we would end up riding all the way into Edgartown and back (about a 12 mile hike). The way there seemed alot shorter of course, and by the end we had the speed settings down low to prevent our legs from collapsing (at least they felt like that).

We went all the way to the spot where we got engaged two years ago. It felt like it was yesterday, even though the nostalgia seemed to seep in as we heard other people talking about how this was the spot where "he proposed." It must be a popular destination for a man to put a ring on his girl. We sat on the very bench in awe and noticed that people were coming out of the lighthouse. I had never gone down the path, so we decided to investigate for ourselves.

A woman was sitting at the bottom at a little table and told us that for $5 would could go to the top. Jay chose to watch me explore and take pictures from the bottom, so up to the top I went. The stairs spiraled like the inside of a seashell. Then, once you got to the top, a ladder waited for you to climb out onto the balcony. I could hear the wind howling and got a little nervous, there was no turning back. I had come this far after all!

I now saw the world around me in a panoramic view. I held tight to my phone and water bottle so I could snap a few photos, take a deep breath in, and go back down.

We walked back to our bikes, revived ourselves by sharing an ice cream cone, and were on our way back to the house. The rest of the day was spent hanging out with the family, eating some delicious stuffed clams and seared tuna, rushing back into town for some late night ice cream, and just relaxing as much as possible.

What will we do today? Once the morning fog clears, we are hoping to head to the beach and catch some rays. Dinner reservations are for 8:30pm at Sweet Life so we will have plenty of time to spend outside.

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