Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ten Months Today

Today marks ten months of marriage for Jay and I. Before getting married, I thought it was pretty ridiculous that newlyweds counted every month as a milestone until hitting a year. Only one year of life has passed us by, just like any other year. And yet we make it seem like this massive accomplishment to showcase to our social media network.

But the truth is (and I never knew this until experiencing it myself) - it's no longer one year of your life. The term "your" has evolved by removing the letter "y" and becoming our. All of our decisions revolve around the one person you love, life is no longer just about you. Things you used to see as a priority no longer come first. You put your husband (or wife) before anything and anyone else. Your life would not exist without your other half.

I want to dedicate this post to all the newlyweds out there and to anyone who has met a milestone in their lives. No matter how big or how small, one month or ten months - or any amount of time for that matter - we should all be proud of the lives we have set forth for ourselves. I believe that there is a soulmate meant for every being. And nothing is ever easy - marriage has helped me face some of my biggest challenges in life. But would I trade it for the world? Never. Because I found that one person that makes me feel complete. And I wish with all my heart that every man and woman on this planet gets the chance to experience that.

Happy Ten Months, Jay. We're getting so close to a year, love you!

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