Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finding Wisdom in the Smallest Ways

After my last rant about the late 20's, it almost seemed natural and coincidental that I got a sign from the wrapper of my Dove chocolate mint swirl "Smooth Promises" candy.

Just when you start to not believe in subliminal messaging, you get a little piece of wisdom in the smallest package (not to mention less of a guilt trip from eating several pieces). Dove did a hell of a job with this marketing plan, because it got me to reflect on my life. "Keep the promises you make to yourself." It seems like after the day is over, work is put on an overnight pause, and family life is winding down, we seem to often forget about ourselves. The promises that we make for our own well-being are put on hold when other life factors get in the way. What promises have I made to myself over the past year? Have I stayed true to them?

I have to remind myself that promises don't necessarily have to be goals, like "I want to keep those last ten pounds off" or "I need to be more patient with my husband." They can come in many different shapes and forms. Some of my biggest promises are to stay true to myself and my beliefs while still having the ability to keep an open mind. I promise to be there for my husband and family in the toughest of times. I promise not to give up on my dreams to grow and be successful in my career. I promise that I will strive to learn from others even when I may not agree. And most of all, I promise to never neglect how I feel.

So as I walked over to the kitchen to throw out the crumpled piece of foil, I not only felt wiser, but a little more satisfied with my day. We can find motivation from the littlest things, as long as we don't overlook them.

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