Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Book Review: Gone Girl

One of life's biggest challenges is finding extra time in each day. And once we realize we have a spare second to relax, how do we use that time? More recently than ever I've picked up reading again. When it becomes an elective pastime instead of school curriculum, we can find things that we enjoy and read for leisure. I tend to stray off the bandwagon until a novel has long fell off the radar from when it first came on the scene, and one I had been hearing a lot about Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. The cover image is slightly intimidating with frail, red lettering and a black background. Was I setting myself up for trouble? Would this book be disturbing and keep me up at night? It was worth a shot to at least begin reading to see if it sparked any interest. And as the days went by and I got deeper and deeper, I couldn't stop. I was actually sad when I turned the last page, but looking back I am pleased that I spent that sought after extra time reading this tale.

I don't want to give too much away, especially to those who are considering to read Gone Girl. It is one of those stories where you bounce back and forth from side to side, hearing the tale from two narrators, who just happen to be husband and wife. It is easy to follow because each person alternates chapter by chapter. It begins with the love story of how the duo met in the Big City (NYC). Then, flashing forward to the hot, southern backdrop of the Mississippi, Amy Dunne goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. The reader is questioning "who done it?" over and over again. It is difficult to speculate even though we all have our theories; Was there a motive for Nick Dunne? Did he want to escape his marriage? Is it someone from Amy's past? You end up playing games in your mind like a game of chess, when really the easy answer isn't always the right and obvious one.

I was most impressed by the author, who gives all readers the capability to step into the mind (and shoes) of both Amy and Nick. The way their thoughts are articulated really put you in the brain of the character. I found myself struggling to choose between "Team Amy" and "Team Nick," but the manipulation of each chapter made me teeter on a balance beam. In a sick and twisted way, you felt like you knew them and justified their reasoning. You begin to understand their thought processes and anxiously await the answers. And when the reader hits that epiphany of what has happened, everything makes sense.

So if you are looking for a quick and exciting read for the end of the summer, please pick up Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. I was so intrigued by the author that I have began to research more of her novels and cannot wait to see what else is in store.

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