Monday, August 11, 2014

Solo Week Recap

Well, I survived a full week without my husband. I have to admit, I thought I'd get more done. But the extra time really is insignificant - we find other things to do (or not do, like work out everyday for example), and that's just the way it is. Seven days flew by much faster than I could have ever imagined. And here I am again, lounging on the couch. Jay's feet are up on the ottoman and Rocky is perched in his kitty condo. Our normal Sunday evening is back in full effect.

I still need to hold myself accountable for the goals listed in the beginning of Jay's trip. Whether or not I accomplished them all is one thing, but I got close.

1. Write a new post everyday - I was able to hit 4 out of 5 weekdays. Tuesday was quite the struggle to motivate myself in just about anything, but I am extremely proud of the content and my stories shared. I love the whole experience of blogging - even just getting the words out is good enough therapy for me.
2. Workout everyday - 3 days of Physique 57 and 1 day of cardio. Again, Tuesday lagged success. 
3. Visit my family one or two nights - Check here 100%! Now, they are off to Wildwood for a week so we won't see them for a bit.
4. At least one dinner date with friends - Sunday night I met 3 friends for dinner at Cuban Pete's in Montclair, which if you are ever in that area, PLEASE go there for dinner. Best seafood paella I've ever had, and the atmosphere makes you feel like you're on at a local gem on a tropical island 
5. Cook something new - I made the frittata again, does that count? :)
6. Clean - If you count waiting  until the Saturday morning before Jay got back, mission accomplished. I did a major vacuum session as well as spruced up the place. He came home and noticed how clean it was, so I'll take it.

With Jay's return, I realized something about being on my own for an extended period of time - It's not that we, being solo, have more time to get things done. The amount of time doesn't change, the minutes of the day don't actually extend. We try to utilize them in a different way, but in the end, a week is only a week. And besides the increase of talking to myself out loud to kill the silence, I was still in the same habits and routine of a normal work week. Now I'm just happier to do them with my special someone :)

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