Monday, August 4, 2014

Do We Forget How to Fly Solo?

After living with someone and spending all of your personal time together, who actually likes to admit that they forget what it's like to be alone? That time that I used to crave growing up that I could never seem to get for more than five minutes. I shared a room for majority of my childhood and had roommates all throughout college so I was always used to being around others. My immediate family alone consists of the six of us, so there were lack of opportunities for solitary living. And as another seemingly short weekend passed and my husband left for a business trip, here I am now, by myself - and the last thing I want is to be on my own.

It's not that I am dependent on Jay, I have no problem taking out the trash or driving to pick up dinner. I can do the laundry and take care of our cat. But life definitely doesn't feel the same once you get so accustomed to someone always being there with you. 

It's only temporary, right? Monday rolls around and the work week goes on. Many people travel for business and Jay just so happens to travel often for his career. Part of me is envious because I too would like to just pick up and go. And it's comical because he on the other side wishes to be back in the familiar. I guess the grass is always greener.

I started out this post wanting to make it sound like a "what to do" for when you have extra time on your hands. But really I needed a vent-session, clear my head, and check back into reality. I will take this short-term situation and focus on things that I wouldn't normally get the chance to do. In all truth, I miss my companion, but there's no point to sit here and sulk about it. My emotions tend to get the best of me and I just need to shake out of this funk. 

Here are my goals for the week:
1. Write a new post everyday. I have ideas currently dormant that I could really get a head start on with more time.  
2. Workout everyday - I know I sound like a complete over-achiever, but I really don't have any excuses to get out of this one. Even if it's only for a half hour a day.
3. Visit my family one or two nights - It's nice going back and having a home-cooked meal by my lovely mom. And catching up on family time is always well spent as I miss seeing them.
4. At least one dinner date with friends - It's unfortunately true that you don't see your friends as often once you're married, so I can take this time to enjoy a little extra estrogen.
5. Cook something new - I was inspired to make a zucchini and tomato frittata over the weekend, so why not try another new recipe?
6. Clean - One word with many caveats. Usually all I want to do at the end of a work day is relax, but I should really spend some time reorganizing my bathroom cabinet or closet.

Is six goals enough? Probably more than I can handle, but who will oppose ambition? Next thing you know my husband will be back and I will be wishing I had used this time more wisely. So on that note, Happy Monday everyone, I'm going to get my ass moving. 

Here's a throwback of Jay when we were stuck in the airport around this time of year. He has always been more of a jet-setter whether it is for work or pleasure. This photo is also a little segue to an event that took place in our life on 8/7/12 - details to follow this week..

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