Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Rocksters!

Today my little man (and by little man I mean cat) turns 3! For my fellow cat lovers, or pet lovers in general, we know how important our fur babies are in our lives. I can't help that I am obsessed with his little face and whiskers. Rocky may only be three years old, but I have enjoyed every minute watching him grow from a time where he used to fit on top of the cable box without a foot or paw dangling over the side.

I may be a little bias, but Rocky is one good looking cat. Although Jay believes in his heart that Rocky is really a tiger - when we signed the lease to our apartment, we had to include the details of our pet (breed, color, etc). Jay jotted down without hesitation, "orange with black stripes." Now either Jay is colorblind, or he really believes that our feline friend is a tiger. Either way, Rocky has been the best addition to our family and one of the best things we took out of Buffalo.

So, Happy Birthday to my sweet little Rocky. Here's to three years of life and many, many more!

These are a few of my favs, from the first year we got him. :) Meow!

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