Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Perks of Work - Finding Love on the Job

New to the working world and eager to make an impact; Fresh out of college and excited to take on the world. I was young and pretty clueless when I started my first full-time job in New York City. Those few weeks in the beginning put me in a whirlwind of buses, bustling people, small offices, expensive lunches, and an even longer ride home. The commute from New Jersey into the City was almost as confusing as the passengers on board. Nobody wants to help you out and no one cares that you exist. You're lucky if you even get acknowledged with a quick glance or a nudge down the aisle. What was I getting myself into? I remember the feeling so clearly. A mixture of nerves and anxiety, but the good kind of anxious. When you don't really know what to expect but you know your life will never be the same. How will my first day go? Would I make friends? Would I even make it through Port Authority? Lucky for me, I had probably the best first day a young woman could have. And the best thing I got from it all was my husband.

Yes, this is the story of "Us." This is where it all began. I was fidgety as I sat at my new desk in an attempt to try and let it all sink in. And get passed that overwhelmed state where you get introduced to a million people but can only remember one or two names. Then, this confident (but not cocky) young man in slacks and a button down, with the sleeves rolled up his forearms, waltzed over to me and introduced himself as Jay. The usual small-talk came next, "Where you from?" and as I answered Parsippany, a smile came to his face. Something along the lines of "No way, I'm from West Orange," and as he finished his sentence I realized he only grew up maybe 10-15 miles down the road. A 20 minute drive on a bad day. I remember thinking what a coincidence it was that I trekked all the way into NYC and met someone that I could have passed driving down the highway hundreds of thousands of times. We realized we had a lot in common and the rest is history as our friendship evolved into a relationship.

Flash forward over four years later, and this man is my husband. And he's been my husband for almost a year! You must be thinking, get to the point already. I'm telling this story because I am a firm believer that it is possible to find love in the workplace. You are with these people more hours of the day than you are with your own family. Hell, I probably talk more to my boss more than I talk to my brother. You are bound to be around people that share your interests. Or even the same goals and aspirations. You have committed majority of your waking hours to a career that fulfills your monetary needs. It gives our lives purpose and drive. What's not to say your perfect match is a cube or two over?

I look at all the dating world has out there today, whether it is online, a bar, or even a quick stop at Starbucks. Why count out the place where you reside from 8-5? People used to snark, "I don't know how you guys work together. Didn't you get sick of each other?" My honest answer was always "no," which sounds crazy. But it worked for us. And I'm not saying that it will stand true for everyone. Jay and I were able to diverge ourselves in our jobs and keep professional. I wouldn't even see him for most of the day unless we made a point to have lunch together. It's actually one of the things I miss now because we recently went down our own paths at two different companies. Since moving back to New Jersey, Jay commutes into the City (oh how the tables have turned), and I drive myself to the other side of town. But at least I know I'm coming home to the same person that I met over four years ago on the first day of my very first job. 

This is us from the early days, one of the perks of being in NYC. Always had the chance to hit up a game after work. :)

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  1. True Story. But I had eyes on you since your 1st Interview and couldn't wait till your first day. I remember trying to play it "cool" but I HAD to come over and say hi. Glad I did. Love you fool!!


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